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AWEX EMI 1142 -
Micron 17 1690 -
Micron 18 1522 +13
Micron 19 1418 +10
Micron 20 1352 +19
Micron 21 1306 +4
Micron 22 1290 +8
Micron 23 1224n -10
Micron 25 696 +8
Micron 26 509 -10
Micron 28 352 -
Micron 30 322 -8
Micron 32 292 +2
MCar 762 +2


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January 2024 Newsletter

Check out the collection of articles and resources we’ve put together for you in this Summer edition of our newsletter, for the latest in research, extension initiatives and events relevant to WA woolgrowers.

Strategies to increase conception and reproductive rates

Joining is fast approaching for many woolgrowers in WA, whilst some of you will have already joined. We’ve pulled some information together to provide a refresher on the key factors which influence joining outcomes.

Increasing your bottom line with agtech

There is a lot of hype out there about agricultural technology (agtech), and tonnes of solutions to wade through. For woolgrowers in particular, there is a large range of agtech that can provide efficient and fast methods of identifying and recording information against individual animals.

Wool bioharvesting technique aims to provide woolgrowers with choice

A shortage of skilled shearers and increased costs of shearing are presenting a threat to the Australian wool industry. Wool harvesting is a key priority of AWI’s Strategic Plan 2022-2025. In addition to significant investment in training of shearers and wool handlers, AWI is also investing in innovative approaches to wool harvesting.

Australian wool production is in the box seat to help livestock industries become part of the climate solution

Australian wool production is moving towards carbon neutrality as outlined in Australian wool industry’s 10-year Wool 2030 Strategy, and in the Australian sheep and wool industry’s Sheep Sustainability Framework.