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AWEX EMI 1135 +1
Micron 17 1683 +1
Micron 18 1504 +3
Micron 19 1392 +4
Micron 20 1345 +14
Micron 21 1307 -1
Micron 22 1305 -1
Micron 23 1268 -2
Micron 25 699 +10
Micron 26 505 -
Micron 28 357 +7
Micron 30 325 -5
Micron 32 282 -6
MCar 722 -16

Increasing your bottom line with agtech

There is a lot of hype out there about agricultural technology (agtech), and tonnes of solutions to wade through. For woolgrowers in particular, there is a large range of agtech that can provide efficient and fast methods of identifying and recording information against individual animals. These include technologies such as electronic identification (EID), fleece testing and weighing equipment, EID-assisted walk-over scales and auto drafters, smart tags, artificial intelligence, facial recognition technology, and specialised individual animal management software - just to name a few!

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